STOP Traffic for Domestic Work project resources

Briefing Papers on STIR: Intimate Teenage Violence
August 26, 2015
FGM in development publications
October 19, 2015

The following resources are a result of the transnational project Combating Trafficking in Women for Labor Exploitation in Domestic Work (STOP Traffic for Domestic Work).

1) “I Thought I was Applying as a Care Giver”: Trafficking in Women for Labour Exploitation in Domestic Work

The book compiles the results of the qualitative research implemented in the partner countries. It provides an overview of partner countries’ existing national policy contexts on trafficking in human beings and migration. Current policies on trafficking in human beings and migration are mapped in relation to domestic workers and then explored as they are translated into practice. 

2) Country information leaflets were also published that outline research findings in each partner country as well as country specific policy recommendations.

Cyprus Leaflet (EN)

Greece Leaflet (EN)

Spain Leaflet (ES)

Lithuania Leaflet (LT) and (RU)