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Hi there! As an independent women’s rights and gender equality organisation, we’re dependent on funding, as well as institutional support. Long-term sustainability is a constant challenge for NGOs, and we’re no exception. That’s where you come in. Our supporters have been making it possible for MIGS to go from strength to strength for 20 years and counting. Here’s how you can get involved!

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Do you have administrative, communication or project management skills and the time to dedicate to a passionate and hardworking NGO working for the rights of women and girls?

We are always looking for students, young graduates, or anyone looking to build their CV to join our team.


Funding is key to the sustainability of any independent NGO. Your gift will help secure our future so we can continue our work.

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Become a strategic partner

Strategic collaborations bridge the gap between civil society and the private sector and have the potential to create powerful synergies that make a difference. We can help you set yourself apart as an organisation by providing advice and expertise: whether it's working towards a more gender equal workplace, implementing a diverse and inclusive organisational environment, or building the capacity of your employees. Becoming a strategic partner can also open up access opportunities to networks that expand your organisation's impact and reach.