What we do

MIGS promotes and contributes to social, political and economic projects related to gender equality and women’s rights, with a focus on the Mediterranean region.

We recognise that discrimination against women takes many different forms. We are committed to the elimination of this discrimination through a combination of research, lobbying and advocacy, education and training, awareness-raising, as well as the provision of expertise and consultancy services.

Click below to find out more about our approach, the thematic areas we cover, as well as our past and current projects and platforms.


As the leading feminist NGO in Cyprus, we strive to make a difference, day in, day out. We’re passionate about gender equality and improving the lives of women and girls, and this means using all the tools and methods at our disposal to fight for our cause.

Areas of work

Our policy priorities are defined by the issues that affect the everyday lives of women and girls in Cyprus, as well as the Mediterranean region. Click below to find out more about the thematic areas in which our organisation is most active.


MIGS has been established in Cyprus and the Euro-Mediterranean region as a leading expert NGO on the provision of gender equality research (comparative research and analysis, gender monitoring, equality and diversity evaluations). At any given time, we are running diverse projects focusing on women’s rights and gender equality.


Digital tools are key in advancing our goals. Click to explore the platforms we have set up in order to democratise knowledge and skills for women in Cyprus and beyond.