Final Conference – Integration of Female Migrant Domestic Workers: Strategies for Employment and Civic Participation

Policy Recommendations for the Integration of Female Migrant Domestic Workers
March 21, 2009

The project Integration of Female Migrant Domestic Workers has finally come to a close. As a closing activity, MIGS organized a final International Conference in Cyprus, on the 28th of February, 2008, at the University of Nicosia. The conference addressed the need for the development of an integration model that responds to the particular needs of female migrant domestic workers in Europe. Participants to the conference included NGO representatives, policy makers from both on a local and an EU level, public authorities, representatives of international and local migrant organizations, experts in the field of migration and gender studies, as well as representatives from the five partner European countries: Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Greece and Germany.

Opening remarks were given by Mr. Nicos Peristianis, Chairperson of MIGS and President of the Council of the University of Nicosia followed by Mr. Vincent Catot EC Representative-JLS, INTI/Community Actions-Integration who talked about the European Fund for the Integration of Third-country nationals and the new funding opportunities for specific projects as these relate to the integration of third country nationals.

The conference was divided in three plenary sessions. During the first session the partners gave an overview of the research results in Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Germany and Italy. Keynote speakers of the first session included Dr Maria Kontos, Coordinator of the EU project “Integration of Female Immigrants in Labour market and Society; Policy Assessment and Policy Recommendations” (FeMiPol), 6th Framework Program, (2006-2008) who gave an overview of the project FeMiPol that aims to analyze the impact of integration policies on the position of migrant women within EU countries over the last decade, and on this basis formulate recommendations for appropriate policy that fosters their integration and produces greater social cohesion.

The second plenary session presentations were given by keynote speakers representing migrant organizations. These included Charito Basa, Chairperson of the Filipino Women's Council, Migrant Organization in Rome, Fe Jusay, Coordinator of the Women’s Programme of the Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers (CFMW) and Mercedita Canillas representative of KASAPI- HELLAS Organization of Filipino Migrants in Greece and Mr. Doros Polycarpou, Chairperson of Action, Support and Antiracism [KISA], NGO in Cyprus. In the third and last plenary session the conclusions and recommendation strategies resulting from the project were presented by Josie Christodoulou and Dr. Nicos Trimikliniotis who discussed the non-existent integration policy for domestic workers in Cyprus. The recommendations were discussed among the participants, following four workshops which were moderated by team members and enriched by the views of the conference participants. The workshops focused on civic participation, employment issues, feminization of migration, and issues of representation.

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