Play 4 Your Rights project: Card game & application

Eγχειρίδιο BEE: Boosting Gender Equality in Education
September 25, 2022
FEM-United Policy Brief on Femicide Prevention
October 9, 2022

The Play 4 Your Rights project aims to combat sexist hate speech, gender stereotypes and discrimination among adolescents through media education strategies and gamification practices. The project has worked with adolescents to produce two innovative educational games: a Card Game and an Urban Game, which will help students to understand and challenge sexist hate speech and gender discrimination. 

The card game, entitled Strategic reactions, gender andhatespeech, for male and female teenagers aged 12 to 18, aims to help teenagers identify the various forms and manifestations of sexist hate speech and reflect on how gender stereotypes and prejudices play a fundamental role in the construction of reality and in the language that describes it. The game also aims to stimulate boys and girls in activating strategies to react to the language of hate, working on the awareness of themselves, other people and their emotions.

By offering the opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of those who suffer hate speech, the game facilitates the empathy process and peer support that can be fundamental to get out of a situation of prevarication. The emotions foreseen in the game are certainly partial compared to the emotional world of teenagers: the purpose of the activity is not to be exhaustive, but to facilitate the reflection and activation of an empathic process with respect to those who suffer a form of violence.

You can download the game in Greek here.
You can download the Play 4 your Rights App on Google Play and Apple Store.