She Experts Initiative – Second round of applications launched

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April 3, 2017
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October 25, 2017

Call for Applicants – She Experts Initiative

•Are you an expert in your professional field?

•Are you interested in gaining increased exposure and promoting your expertise?

•Would you like to be trained in skills that will help you progress professionally?

The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) has already launched the She Experts Initiative, and having accepted and successfully trained an inaugural group of women experts, is now accepting applications for a second round. We are looking for women living and/or working in Cyprus with proven expertise in diverse areas to participate in the Initiative.

What is the She Experts Initiative?

 The She Experts initiative came about as a result of MIGS aiming to enhance the visibility and impact of women in their professional capacity, especially across business, politics and industry. We want to multiply women’s voices on key issues in the national dialogue, combat sexism and bias in media coverage, and increase professional opportunities for women.

The She Experts Initiative aims to help women raise their profile within their professional fields and boost the number of inspirational role models for other women and girls.

What is the She Experts platform?

The She Experts platform is at the core of the She Experts Initiative. Successful applicants are featured on the She Experts platform (, which is going live end of September 2017. The platform, currently marketed and promoted to the public by MIGS, is a fully searchable database of expert women. Each expert has a dedicated page on which to upload a bio, a professional headshot and any other media that can help showcase their professional expertise. Experts are also given the choice to submit articles in the Insights section, giving a further opportunity to demonstrate their level of professional knowledge and experience.

The platform has been specifically developed with the aim of becoming the leading resource of expert women for organisations, employers, political parties, as well as the media in Cyprus.

What are the benefits to successful applicants?

At no personal cost, applicant will:

•be featured on the online She Experts Platform as experts in their area/field;

receive expert training from exceptional coaches on topics such as media presentation, personal branding, public speaking and other skills that are crucial in facilitating career progress and increasing professional visibility.

•become part of a dynamic group of expert women and contribute to raising the profile of women leaders and experts in Cyprus.

•be invited to networking events and other organised activities.

Overall benefits:

•Increased self-awareness and confidence.

•Development of skills to self-advocate and overcome challenges to visibility.

•Learning strategies for networking and relationship-building.

•Development and implementation of a personal action plan to achieve life goals.

•Becoming a more active agent of change in chosen organisation / field.

Training provided

 MIGS is organising a short series of structured workshops for successful applicants.

The trainers are:

•Eleni Demosthenous - Human Capital Consultant/Executive Coach, The Advance Institute

•Simone Erotokritou - Creative Consultant, Branding Coach, Strategic Brand Designer

•Laura Shields - Managing Director, Red Thread EU

Group training sessions will take place indicatively on the 4, 11, 17-18 November, 2017. Successful applicants must commit to attending ALL training sessions.

What are the requirements to apply?

Women representing diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise, professions, ethnicities, ages, geographical regions, and levels of experience are encouraged to apply – whether they are recognised leaders in their field or have gained expertise from their own life experiences.

Specifically, candidates should have:

•A high level of professional experience of at least 5 years in their area(s) of expertise. We also welcome applications from women with expertise gained from at least one year of lived experience.

•Fluency in Greek and/or English.

How to submit an application

Please complete and submit this application form.  Deadline is 16 October, 2017.

About the project

The She Experts Initiative is implemented as part of the Time to Act: Strengthening Capacity for Gender Parity in Political Decision-making in Cyprus project, co-funded by the “Global Women, Peace and Security” Initiative by the United States Department of State.

For more information, please contact Josie Christodoulou, Policy Coordinator, Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS);, Tel: 22 795151.